There are a range of skills available to help with many and varied projects. My previous careers allow me to be conversant in medical issues, horticulture and psychotherapy with Neuro Linguistic Programming (Master Prac & NLPt).


I have been working in the web space since 1997 and have wide experience in development, programming, project management and client liaison.
LAMP stacks; config, build and support, using SSH, SCP (2 years), Open Source CMS: Magento, Moodle, Drupal, blog: WordPress. Some Zend and CodeIgniter.
dotNet C# (2 years), Classic ASP (7 years), HTML (8 years), DMTML (4 years), CSS (4 years), XML, XSL, (2 year), SQLServer (6 years, including installation), jquery, AJAX and JSON
Operating systems: NT, Win2k, UNIX, Linux, and PC desktops, use of AWS cloud services
Open source software sites: WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, Magento
Project and client management (5 years), Prince2 for the last 3 years
Team leader (5 years)
Technical sales support (3 years)
Excellent communication skills (NLP Master Practitioner)

– Last Position

Directed last company’s change from Windows based websites (ColdFusion) to LAMP environments
Installed, investigated and trained team members in Open Source CMS’s: Drupal, Concrete5, Magento (for e-commerce) and Moodle (online course management system)
Tested, installed and deployed Mantis, a bug tracking system
Helped implement a modified Prince2 project process for project management
Achieved Prince2 qualification
Provide quotes for prospects in collaboration with consulting and design
Complete end to end project management; full life cycle
Coached other staff in the development of their skills and competencies
Developing my team members to allow them more satisfaction with their jobs, increase the skills of the department and enhance team spirit
Incorporated aspects of agile/scrum methods & techniques onto our procedures My experience base has been with systems integrators and web design agencies, utilising my coding, programming (client side and server side) skills together with team management, client liaison and project management.