Current projects and tasks


Completed a network enabled WP installation with a total of 49 sub-sites, covering that many countries, including left to right languages.
Finished a suite of sites for over the counter medicines there are 12 sites in all.
Ubuntu server management containing WordPress four sites with more to come
WordPress site monitoring and management for security. Three of the sites where in ExpressionEngine (a blogging CMS) which were transferred over into WordPress. This had to be done through a dB interface for the export and needed to match up the paths to limit SEO damage. Some regex to help with that too, in the .htaccess.
Centos 6.2 server management for one of my clients who is running a Magento shop. I also look after the magento installation and had done an upgrade from 1.4 to 1.9. There was a bit of pain with that!
A Moodle installation with open registration and 4k+ registered users. We are redoing one of the courses to have a different theme to the rest of the site – it’s coming along nicely.
Task based work

Helped a previous full time employer with overflow works such as a Centos 6.4 LAMP stack build for a WordPress deployment
Another server build on Centos 6.4 for a suite of sites for an international industrial services company. Some of their products have been into space.